More information on our labels.

Dear customers,
We recently changed color intensity and information you see on our labels.
Now we put everything in QR code, take a picture and you have all the info of the product.
We still ship vials with old type of labels and in the same time start selling new types.
Also we were getting quesitons regarding product color, it is worth mentioning that from time to time we may change oil type on what is available to us and oil type will affect a litte color of the product but not its effectiveness.
If you have any questions please contact us, we wil be happy to help.

Warmest regards,
KalpaPharmaceuticals Team 

Check your Supplier

In order to avoid any scam sites or any unlicensed products it is highly recommended to verify the supplier. You can validate your supplier by checking his email, website and the pharmaceutical items that he is selling. Please input below the full web address of your supplier, any email you have from him or the ISNs from your Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products. Verify and be safe.