• Drug Class:
    Andogenic Steroidal Agent (Oral)
  • Active Life:
    8-12 hours
  • Average Dose:
    25-200 mg/day
  • Liver Toxicity:
  • Aromatization rate:
  • DHT Conversion:
  • Decrease HPTA function:
  • Anabolic/ Androgenic rate:
    100-150 : 30-40
  • Active Substance:

    Mesterolone 25mg/tab


Proviroxyl – Oral Masterolone Tablets by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals


Proviroxyl is oral Masterolone by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals in India. These tablets are used to treat the androgen deficiencies and fertility issues among men. This is a male-sex hormone based tablet with anabolic-androgenic rating of 100-150:30-40. This clearly shows the reason for its lack of exposure towards side effects. The average dosages would be 25-200mgs per day. The dosages would be decided by the experts and may vary from one patient to another. The component has significantly limited half-life that spans about 8 to 12 hours.


Proviroxyl is a component used to treat the male hypogonadism and fertility issues triggered by lack of testosterone and binding of SHBG that suppress the natural production of testosterone as a result of hardcore AAS-abuse. The component is an AR like many AAS.


Proviroxyl (Mesterolone) tablets are utilized to treat male fruitfulness issues and thus, they usually go about as androgen receptors. It is as of now a 5-alpha reductase. It does not have androgenic unfriendly impacts to influence the hair, skin and prostate organ. 3-alpha HSD development in the skeletal muscle tissue has made it a comparative part to DHT and 17-alpha-methyl-DHT that discolor the anabolic and androgenic power of the segment. The examination of anabolic and androgenic ability is checked dependent on the anabolic-androgenic proportion of essential male hormone testosterone. These tablets do not will in general make estrogenic impacts in the body and thus, they do not have progestogenic movement.


Despite the fact that very little unmistakable, the component for the tablet Proviroxyl, Mesterolone, still comprises of certain measure of hepatic impact on the body. The hepatic digestion is a typical component of a large portion of the oral measurements for 17-alpha alkylated AAS arrangements. This part additionally has an exceptionally high proclivity for SHBG, which may ultimately focus on the "free"- testosterone and uproot endogenous testosterone in the male body.


This tablet is used to treat male hypogonadism. This is a condition when the male body neglects to deliver enough testosterone. This may happen for various reasons, yet utilizing Mesterolone tablets the issues can be toppled. It is recommended to require some investment on every day and the drug should be applied according to the recommendations of the specialists. Twofold portions or overdoses are carefully confined. The end half-life for the tablets is 8 to 12-13 hours and the primary way of excretion is urination.

25mg tablet of Mesterolone should be taken by the standard set by the specialists. This is acceptable to use as 50 to 100Mg for 2-to-3 times each day (most extreme measurement) for having better outcomes. Patients with known medicines for gynecomastia should be careful to the utilization of these tablets.

Legal status

The component used in the medication Proviroxyl is Masterolone, a scheduled III drug that can be used as a prescription medication. Hence, rather than promoting any non-medical use, it would be ideal to comply with the medical experts during the time of planning for its consumption on specific purpose.

Check your Supplier

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