Testoxyl Propionate 100

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Active Life:
    2-3 days
  • Average Dose:
    Men 350-2000 mg/week (not recommended for women)
  • Liver Toxicity:
  • Aromatization rate:
  • DHT Conversion:
  • Decrease HPTA function:
  • Anabolic/ Androgenic rate:
  • Active Substance:

    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml


Testoxyl Propionate 100 – Retain Physical Prowess


Testosxyl Propionate 100 is a healing medication that has long been a part of medical history with excellence to treat breast cancer among women. It has vivid use as injectable compound that should be injected in the muscles once in every two to three days.


Testosterone propionate is in reality a little altered type of male hormone testosterone where testosterone has been appended with a propionate ester. At the end of the day, this steroid is really the unadulterated type of testosterone, which acts quicker than different other bigger ester structures. The main issue with this steroid is its connection with the propionate ester, which controls its delivery in the body subsequent to applying the infusion.


Testosterone propionate is the manufactured type of the regular male hormone testosterone for which, it consists of a similar anabolic-androgenic rating like the first testosterone hormone. The anabolic-androgenic rating of testosterone propionate is 100:100. It very well may be utilized to fix absence of drive, sleep deprivation, weakness, peevishness, mental disarray and numerous different issues brought about by low-testosterone issues. Aside from that, individuals with osteoporosis and polyuria can likewise discover alleviation with the use of this steroid-item.


Testosterone based Testosxyl Propionate 100 is an oil-based intramuscular injection. It has a shorter half-life period, spanning up to 2 days to 4 days. The anabolic-androgenic ratio of the component is similar to Testosterone 100:100. The short duration of action should better be compelled with two to three times of the dosage in a week. The component chemically known as testosterone 17-Beta propanoate, a synthetic androsten steroid that has been derived from testosterone.


The component is not recommended for women, while men can use it with 350-2000mg/week dosage. The component has lower liver toxicity with higher aromatization rate. It has higher rate of DHT conversion with tendency to severe decrease of HPTA function.


Patients under cancer treatments may find Testoxyl Propionate 100 a great medication for gaining lean muscle mass. The lean muscle gaining may eventually frame the body in a proper way, as the component is a strong androgen receptor. The activity against the muscle wasting diseases may also be counted as effective for treatment with Testoxyl propionate 100. The component is also known to offer benefit through balancing the IGF-1 factors in the body to ensure wellbeing.

Side effects

Applying testosterone propionate for weight training purposes is a common thing, but at the same time, it would be ideal to suggest to remain cautioned since, in such a case that the users continue utilizing it for quite a while it might cause gynecomastia alongside extreme water maintenance, which may put the body under parcel of weight. Aside from that androgenic activities may cause genuine difficulties like skin inflammation or other skin issues just as fast hair lose, cardiovascular difficulties and regular testosterone concealment (if your testosterone level is sufficient) may likewise inconvenience the body. SHBG increase may eventually gain the physical power with muscle boosts but at a certain point, a person may feel uneasy with testosterone-suppression effects.

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