Sustaxyl 350

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Active Life:
    15-20 days
  • Average Dose:
    Men 600-2000 mg/week
  • Liver Toxicity:
  • Aromatization rate:
  • DHT Conversion:
  • Decrease HPTA function:
  • Anabolic/ Androgenic rate:
  • Active Substance:

    Testosterone Decanoate 140mg/ml

    Testosterone Phaenylpropionate 84mg/ml

    Testosterone Propionate 42mg/ml

    Testosterone Isocarpoate 84mg/ml



Sustaxyl 350 – New Healer by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals


Sustaxyl 350 is one of the most able anabolic parts to manage the prosperity of the individuals. There are four unmistakable anabolic parts, all got from the fundamental male hormone testosterone. This will be ideal for modifying the hypogonadism and numerous other possible physical threats.


Sustaxyl 350 is remarkable contrasted with other anabolic parts that can feasibly uphold the real solid of the customers. From now on, while encountering the testosterone difficulty, it will be helpful for the customers to find the part to deal with the success factors.


This testosterone blend is a solid and lively acting anabolic steroid, which can sensibly help with directing low testosterone issues among the patients. Like different steroids, the users do not have to blend this compound dependably. This steroid can adequately help the presentation competitors in addition. It can gather the RBC mean oxygenation with the target that the compound can be spread any place on the body similarly and increment energy. The medication has dynamic life for 15 to 20 days.


This steroid depends upon testosterone hormone. It is an ideal delivered pantomime of standard androgen hormone and known for passing on various blends of tremendous comparatively as pitiful esters at a legitimate assessment with the target that the clients can get the best piece of room. There is testosterone propionate ester of 42mgs, testosterone phenylpropionate ester of 84mgs, testosterone isocaproate ester of 84mgs and testosterone decanoate ester of 140mgs. The all out of 350mgs blend can give unpleasant testosterone to the body of the clients to battle with the low testosterone issues. The anabolic androgenic proportion of the segment is 100:100 – same as testosterone. It can severely decrease the HPTA function in the body with high aromatizing rate and DHT conversion possibilities.


In the field of the improvised used of Sustaxyl 350 can profit by outside help by amazing protein blend in the muscles so the flimsy muscles go more grounded over the occasions to offer enough help for the athletic arranging time period or during working out. It can in like way hold nitrogen in the muscles and curb glucocorticoid hormones.


Sustaxyl 350 is a steroid that can help in the better manner during the moderate season. It can get a handle on preparing rate and by developing the testosterone in the body. Keeping up the correct offset with moderate season food is colossal for the redesign searchers among the customers. In such way, a proper and assessed usage of the part can reasonably turn on the incredible enormous force in the body. Men can engage the measurements of around 600/2000mg every week. This is not a component encouraged towards the females.

Side effects

The hepatic impacts, after ceaseless higher dosages would be too serious to consider bear with. It can altogether diminish HPTA work at a serious level. It might likewise increment sexual aggression, skin inflammation, male-pattern baldness and different aromatizing impacts, which may influence the body vivaciously. It is recommended to continue PCT therapies for treating the impacts of aromatization on the body.

Check your Supplier

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